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Teeth that have been affected by dental caries (decay) and are beyond repair may need to be extracted surgically. This is due to the fact that the crown (top part) of the tooth is heavily broken down and the roots of the tooth are still buried in the jaw bone.


Removing teeth can be done under a local anaesthetic procedure. Although you will be awake during the process, the local anaesthetic helps to block any pain from your gums and surrounding area ensuring you feel no pain throughout.

If the tooth is a little more complicated, general anaesthetic as a day case procedure may be required, meaning those patients will be asleep throughout the process but still be able to go home later that day.



After tooth surgery, the area can be very sore and sensitive. Here are some after-care tips to help ensure your wounds heals in the safest and most hygienic way, helping to reduce any post treatment pain:

  • Aim to keep the gauze pad on the affected area for at least half an hour, after this time this should be removed.
  • Avoid touching the area or mouth rinsing for the first 24 hours after the procedure as this could encourage bleeding in that area.
  • Avoid vigorous sporting activity during the first 24 hours after the procedure
  • Avoid consumption of hot fluids for the first 24 hours as this may encourage bleeding
  • Use ice packs to help minimise and visible signs of swelling on the sides of your cheeks.
  • Avoid drinking from straws as this may irritate the wound
  • Only resume routine daily activities when you feel comfortable doing so
  • Try to avoid hard foods and stick to foods that are softer and easier to chew
  • Be careful when brushing teeth around the surgical area
  • Use warm saline mouthwashes / antiseptic mouthwashes from the following day to bathe the area on a regular basis for approximately 2 weeks to aid healing
  • Avoid smoking

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Mr Aakshay Gulati for tooth removal then contact us to book in to discuss this further.

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